Visa Expiry Date Australia

The expiry date of your visa can sometimes be a bit confusing. Make sure you read the below information and don’t accidentally overstay your visa!

On your visa, you will see the date that you must enter before. This is the date after “Must Not Arrive After”. This is the last date that you may enter Australia on that visa. You must make sure that enter before this date, otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter Australia.

It is not possible to extend your visa while you are in Australia, but you may be able to apply for a new visa, depending on the conditions on your existing visa.

You must depart Australia before the ‘Length of Stay’ expires. You can read all about how to calculate your length of stay here. You must absolutely depart Australia before this date, otherwise you will become unlawful and this will impact any future visa applications that you wish to make.

You can check your visa grant details, including expiry date and visa conditions on either your grant letter or on the Department’s online system VEVO.