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Getting a Visitor Visa to Australia From Pakistan


Australia is a well-known travel destination for Pakistani tourists. However, an ETA (electronic) visa is not available to Pakistani nationals or holders of Pakistani passports. Instead, you can directly apply for an Australian tourist visa, which allows you to go to Australia for tourism or business purposes.

This process is fairly straightforward but, depending on your specific situation, it may become a little challenging and complex. Continue reading to understand the intricacies of getting a Visitor Visa to Australia if you are from Pakistan.

How do I get a Visitor Visa from Pakistan to Australia?

For any tourist travelling to Australia, it is crucial to first decide which visa categories best suits your needs. The Visitor Visa (subclass 600), the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), and the eVisitor Visa (subclass 651) are the main types of Australian tourist visas offered. It’s crucial to select the visa that best suits your needs and citizenship because each of them has unique criteria and circumstances.

Can I travel to Australia from Pakistan?

Pakistani residents or Pakistani passport holders can visit Australia for vacation, to see friends or family, or for business, using an Australian visa. For people who are travelling from Pakistan to Australia for the purpose of tourism and/or visiting friends and family, a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) is the best option.

A Pakistani passport holder’s visitor visa to Australia is valid for 12 months and usually permits numerous visits during that timeframe. The validity of the visa issued may differ from what you requested, depending on your unique situation. We encourage you to postpone making travel arrangements or booking flights until after your application has been processed.

However, it is very important to note that you are not permitted to work in Australia while in the country on a Visitor Visa (subclass 600) under the tourist stream.

Visiting Australia from Pakistan for Business Purposes

Pakistani nationals are not permitted to work in Australia while on a visitor visa. Unfortunately,  Pakistani passports holders are not eligible for working holiday visas (subclass 417 or subclass 462), however there are other choices for work visas.

An Australian visitor visa (in the business visitor visa stream) can be obtained on a Pakistani passport for business meetings and other reasons, but not for employment in Australia. The objective of your trip must be supported by documentation.

What else is not Permitted on a Visitor Visa from to Australia from Pakistan

It has previously been established that Pakistani nationals are prohibited from working in Australia while on a visitor visa. There are a few other limitations that are strictly enforced when you are applying for a Visit Visa from Pakistan to Australia (or any other country for that matter).

For instance, you are only permitted to study for up to three months on a visitor visa (subclass 600). If you want to study for a longer period, then you should consider an Australian student visa.

Any and all criminal convictions must be also disclosed, and this might may the process a bit more complicated. The visa application procedure will be more difficult based on your unique situation and any convictions imposed..

How to Apply for Australian visa from Pakistan

As mentioned before, the standard ETA (electronic) visa cannot be utilised if you are the holder of a Pakistani passport. Australia visitor visa applications must be submitted manually.

You may submit an application from either Pakistan or the nation in which you typically reside. If you are submitting your application from outside Pakistan, your residency permit must still have at least six months left on it.

On the day you depart from Australia, your passport must still have at least six months validity remaining on it. Your passport is digitally connected to the visa.

The Application Process for a Visit Visa of Australia from Pakistan

Create an ImmiAccount and then select the Subclass 600 visitor visa. It is always recommended to refer to a checklist for all the necessary documentation required for the Australian authorities to process your Visitor Visa application to Australia from Pakistan without any issues.

You can refer to this checklist provided by the Australian High Commission in Pakistan for an exhaustive checklist of documents for your Visitor Visa application. Once all the documentation is in place, you can proceed to submit your application and make the payment for the application fees as well. The visit visa fee for Australia from Pakistan, for both the tourist stream and the business visitor visa stream under subclass 600, the cost of application is AUD150.

Other General Requirements for a Visitor Visa to Australia from Pakistan

There are a few visit visa requirements for Australia from Pakistan. First, you need to be in good health. Australian Immigration evaluates any potential health risks you may provide using WHO guidelines. Pakistan is regarded by the WHO as having a high tuberculosis incidence. This will be taken into consideration, and the medical examinations you must have will be based on your particular circumstances.

You must possess “good character” and disclose any criminal convictions you may have. When evaluating your character, the Department of Home Affairs will take these into account in addition to a variety of other variables for your Pakistan to Australia visa.

Additionally, neither you nor any members of your family may owe any money to the Australian government as a result of earlier visits. Additionally, you must show evidence that you have access to sufficient funds to cover the cost of your whole trip. This may include anything from financial statements, evidence of assets, etc. It is also important that the terms of your visitor visa must be followed, and you depart Australia before it expires.

Unfortunately, there is no medical expenditure coverage agreement between Australia and Pakistan. This means that any medical expenses incurred during your stay in Australia are your personal responsibility. Therefore, before visiting Australia, you must confirm that you have enough health insurance as well.

These are all the Visitor Visa conditions that are specific to a person who is travelling to Australia using a Pakistani passport. For more general information about Visitor Visas to Australia, click here.

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