Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Extension

Lots of people want to know how to extend their visitor visa subclass 600 while in Australia. You cannot extend the Visitor Visa (Subclass 600). However, if you do not have a condition 8503 on your visa, then you can apply for another visitor visa while you are onshore.

If you wish to stay longer than your visa allows, then you will have to apply for another visa.

Unfortunately, all sponsored family visitor visas have condition 8503, so unless you can successfully get a waiver of condition 8503, you’ll need to leave Australia before you can apply for another visa.

Reasons to extend your Visitor Visa in Australia

If you have compelling and compassionate reasons to stay in Australia, you can read more about the waiver of condition 8503 here.

If there is no condition 8503 on your visa, then you are free to apply for another visa while in Australia.