Family Sponsored Stream – Visitor visa 600

The Subclass 600 Family Stream is a really important visa option to bring family members out to visit you in Australia for a longer period of time. This is the visa you should use if you wish to sponsor visitor visa for parents. On this visa, your family member can stay up to 12 months. […]

Visitor Visa for Child Under 18 to Australia

If you are planning to bring a child under the age of 18 to Australia as a visitor, there are some specific requirements and considerations that you will need to take into account. For a subclass 600 visa, both parents (or all people with custody of the child) must provide their consent for the child […]

Visa Condition 8501 (Subclass 600)

If you are subject to the 8501 visa condition subclass 600, the Australian government’s immigration website states that “you must have and maintain appropriate health insurance for the entire of your stay in Australia.” Simply put, condition 8501 may be a requirement for various Australian visas. You must have appropriate health insurance for the duration […]

Overseas Visitors Health Cover

Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) is health insurance for foreign visitors visiting or working in Australia on a short-term visa. If you get sick or even have an accident while you’re in Australia, the health insurance for overseas visitors will help you pay for your medical expenses. OVHC can be obtained if you’re planning to […]

Tourist Visas to Australia from Thailand

Australia is quickly becoming one of Thailand’s preferred holiday destinations. Thai people visit Australia on vacation for a number of reasons, including visiting Australian friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, or family, pursuing educational and career prospects, or simply experiencing life in Australia. Typically, it is not that easy for a Thai citizen to come to Australia […]

Evidence of Planned Tourism Activities in Australia

If you are applying for a visitor visa to Australia and need to provide evidence of planned tourism activities, it is important to carefully plan and document your trip. The more detail you can include about your planned tourism activities, the better. It’s ok that you may not have booked them in as you are […]

Invitation Letter for Australian Tourist Visa

*Are you looking for a guide and template? Check out our new 2023 product here, just $8.99* If you’re planning to visit Australia as a tourist, you may need to provide an invitation letter for tourist visa Australia as part of your visa application. An invitation letter for a tourist visa is a document that […]

Graduation Invitation Letter for Parents

Graduation invitation letter for parents tourist visa Australia Graduation is a very exciting and important event – and it’s important that your parents can be there. If your parents want to come to Australia for your graduation, in most cases they will need to apply for a visitor visa. If the subclass 600 is visa […]

Is a Return Ticket Required for an Australian Visitor Visa?

Is a return ticket required for a visitor visa to Australia? You do not have to have a return ticket for your visitor visa to Australia, it is not compulsory. However, you do need to demonstrate that you are a ‘genuine temporary entrant’. The question here is not about whether a return ticket is compulsory […]

Australia Tourist Visa Tracking

How to check visa application status Australia If you applied for your Australia Tourist visa online, then you would have first created an Immi Account to do so. Immi Account can be found here: Log back into your Immi Account to see how your Australian tourist visa application is tracking. You should receive emails […]