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How to Apply for a Visitor Visa to Australia From India

How to apply for a visitor visa to Australia from India

When planning a trip to Australia, Indian citizens have the option of applying for one of three different streams of the Subclass 600 visitor visa: the Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) (Subclass 600) to see family and friends, the Business Visitor Stream (Subclass 600), and the Sponsored Family Stream (Subclass 600).

You select the appropriate stream at the beginning of the process.

Can I study on a subclass 600 visa?

Indian citizens have the ability to study or train for up to three months on a Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) (Subclass 600) if you apply for this visa. If the primary objective of going to Australia is to further your education for a period of more than three months, then a student visa will be more appropriate.

How long will a visitor visa to Australia from India be valid for?

You are permitted to remain in the country for the maximum amount of time stipulated on the visa, provided you arrive in Australia by the date detailed on the letter that grants you the visa. The purpose of your stay, as well as your proposed itinerary, are both factors that should be considered when calculating the requested length of your stay time in Australia.

The Subclass 600 visa is typically issued for a maximum of 12 months (3 months is more common), or however long you request, whichever is shorter. Note that a multiple entry visa will still only permit you to stay a maximum of 3 months at a time.

While there are some circumstances in which it is possible that you will not be allowed the period of stay that you requested, this is not that common. Factors may include your available funds, or your proposed purpose for remaining in Australia after an event, such as a wedding.

In most cases, a stay of up to three months will be permitted without issue. You typically are given up to 12 months to enter the country after you receive your visa grant.

Am I allowed to leave Australia and come back on this visa?

The Subclass 600 Visitor visa will either allow for a single entry or multiple entries into the country. If you are granted a visa that allows multiple entries into Australia, you will be able to depart and return as many times as you like within the validity period.

There are some exceptions that may also apply to allow you to stay in Australia for longer. For example, if you are a biological parent or step-parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you meet all of the criteria for a visa, The Department has discretion to grant you a visa that is valid for a longer period than the standard 12-months (up to 10 years, but they almost never grant one for that long!).

However, whatever your specific Visitor visa conditions, a person is only permitted to stay in Australia for a maximum of 3 months at a time (or if you are an eligible parent, a total of 12 months within any given 18-month period). Note: you may also be eligible for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa if you intend to remain in the country for a period longer than 3 months. 

Can I extend my Australian visitor visa to stay longer?

The Subclass 600 visa cannot be extended to allow you to stay in Australia for a longer period. You would be required to apply for a different visa in Australia, and that would depend on your individual circumstances. If your current visa has a condition that prevents further stay, such as condition number 8503, “No Further Stay,” you are not eligible to apply for a new visa while you are in Australia.

If you hope to remain in Australia for an extended period or permanently, you must apply for the appropriate visa before your current visa expires.

Bringing family members from India on an Australian Visitor Visa (subclass 600)

In the case of family, you are not permitted to include members of your family in your own application. You need to submit a separate application for each member of your family (including children).

Visitor visa for parents from India to Australia

If you wish for your parents to visit you in Australia for a short time, the subclass 600 visitor visa is likely to be the best option. It is processed quickly, has a low application charge and will allow them to visit temporarily as tourists.

You cannot apply on behalf of your parents, as they will need to make appropriate declarations through the immi system. However, the application process for them is very straightforward, provided they have the appropriate documentation.

Visa Application Charges – Australian Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Each applicant must pay AUD150 to apply for this visa (as of the 2022-23 financial year).

Visitor visa processing time from India to Australia

As of 23 January 2023, the estimated processing time for Indian tourist visitor visa applications is within:

  • 8 Days for 25% of applications
  • 16 days for 50% of applications
  • 33 days for 75% of applications
  • 85 days for 90% of applications

Checklist for visitor visa application to Australia from India

When you lodge your application, in addition to the completed application form you will need to provide copies some documents for your visitor visa from India application to Australia:

  • Your passport
  • Your national ID card (if relevant)
  • Change of name documents (if relevant)
  • Character documents:
    • Military discharge papers (if relevant)
    • Police check (may be requested by immigration)
  • ‘Genuine visitor’ documents – evidence that shows you only intend to visit Australia temporarily. This might include evidence like:
    • Proof of funds to show you can support yourself in Australia
    • A return ticket
    • A letter from family/friends outlining your plans and that you intend to leave at the end of your stay
    • Your itinerary in Australia
    • Evidence that you intend to return to your job overseas
    • Proof of close family (e.g. children) in your home country
    • And anything else you think might be helpful.

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