Getting a Visitor Visa to Australia From Pakistan

Australia is a well-known travel destination for Pakistani tourists. However, an ETA (electronic) visa is not available to Pakistani nationals or holders of Pakistani passports. Instead, you can directly apply for an Australian tourist visa, which allows you to go to Australia for tourism or business purposes. This process is fairly straightforward but, depending on […]

How to Apply for a Visitor Visa to Australia From India

When planning a trip to Australia, Indian citizens have the option of applying for one of three different streams of the Subclass 600 visitor visa: the Visitor Visa (Tourist Stream) (Subclass 600) to see family and friends, the Business Visitor Stream (Subclass 600), and the Sponsored Family Stream (Subclass 600). You select the appropriate stream […]

Simplified Guide to Applying for a Tourist Visa to Australia From the Philippines

Australia’s immigration policies are welcoming and make it relatively easy to secure a temporary Visa in general. However, for visitors from ‘high risk’ countries, additional scrutiny is applied. The Philippines is considered a ‘high-risk’ country, as a result of a high number of visa overstayers. Unfortunately, this means that it is generally more difficult to […]

Travel To New Zealand With An Australian Tourist Visa

Can I travel to New Zealand with an Australian tourist visa? It is not possible to travel to New Zealand with an Australian tourist visa. New Zealand is a sovereign nation with its own immigration laws and policies, and an Australian tourist visa is not recognised as a valid travel document for entry into New […]