Australian Visa 3 Months = How Many Days

Most Australian visitor visas are issued with a 3 month stay period. However, for an Australian visa, 3 months how many days? How many days can you actually stay in Australia at a time?

Tourist visa Australia 3 months or 90 days?

It’s probably best to answer this question will a few examples of 3 months:

Here’s the trick to know for sure – VEVO!

Once you arrive in Australia, check VEVO and it will tell you when you need to depart by. VEVO will tell you the visa expiry date and the “period of stay”.

3 month tourist visa Australia

A three-month Australian visa is valid for a specific period of time, which is typically 90 days or three months. This means that an individual who holds a three-month Australian visa is allowed to stay in Australia for up to 90 days or three months, depending on the specific terms of their visa.

An individual who holds a three-month Australian visa must also leave the country at the end of their authorised stay. If they wish to stay in Australia for a longer period of time, they will need to apply for another visa, as visitor visas cannot be extended.

You should leave yourself a few days though – you don’t want to accidentally overstay your visa because your plane is delayed!