Graduation Invitation Letter for Parents

Graduation Invitation Letter for Parents Visa Australia

Graduation invitation letter for parents tourist visa Australia

Graduation is a very exciting and important event – and it’s important that your parents can be there.

If your parents want to come to Australia for your graduation, in most cases they will need to apply for a visitor visa.

If the subclass 600 is visa they need to apply for (you can check here), then you need to start thinking about some of the additional documents that your parents should provide with their application:

  • a certified copy of your passport and student visa grant letter
  • details about your graduation ceremony (the University should provide you with official information to provide including copies of the ceremony tickets and event schedule)
  • Write a letter inviting your family member to visit you
  • Copies of your Enrolment Confirmation and Program confirmation letters

Some universities will prepare an invitation letter for parents to visit Australia for graduation for you (often at a fee), but most will not. We have prepared a template so your parents can get a visa for your graduation ceremony in Australia. 

This template includes everything that you need to tell the Department in your invitation letter for your parents (we have done this instead of just a sample graduation invitation letter for parents to make it very easy for you).

Graduation is such an important occasion (especially if your parents paid for your degree!) – it’s important to get the visa invitation letter right.

Graduation Invitation Letter for Parents Visitor Visa Australia Template

It’s important to get the invitation letters right!

If you need a bit of a hand, we have available a sample graduation invitation letter for parents and instructions, available for purchase for just A$8.99: