Sufficient Funds for Australian Tourist Visa

You must have access to sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Australia. You will not have work rights while one a tourist visa, so you may need to demonstrate proof of funds. To do this, you could provide bank statements, payslips, or an undertaking from a family member to support you.

What funds will the applicant have available to support their stay in Australia?

You need to explain where you will be accessing funds from to support your stay. Do you have personal savings, will you still have income from your home country, will a family member support you?

Minimum bank balance for Australian tourist visa

There is no ‘minimum’ bank balance that you need to show for an Australian tourist visa. What you need to demonstrate is that you have enough funds to support yourself during your trip. A one week trip staying with your brother is going to cost a lot less that a 6 month trip travelling around all of Australia.

Estimate how much the trip will genuinely cost you – be realistic.

For working holiday visas, AUD5000 is currently considered ‘sufficient funds’, but remember, the working holiday visas have work rights as the tourist visas do not.