Sufficient Funds for Australian Tourist Visa

How much funds do I need to show for an Australian tourist visa?

You must have access to sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Australia. You will not have work rights while one a tourist visa, so you may need to demonstrate proof of funds for Australia. 

One of the requirements for obtaining an Australian tourist visa is to demonstrate that the applicant has funds the required for Australia tourist visa to support their stay. This is known as the “sufficient funds requirement.” The sufficient funds requirement is in place to ensure that an applicant will not rely on public funds during their stay in Australia and will be able to cover the costs of their accommodation, transportation, and other living expenses.

In general, the sufficient funds requirement for an Australian tourist visa is calculated based on the length of your stay in Australia and the number of people in your group. The Australian Department of Home Affairs provides guidelines for the sufficient funds requirement for various types of tourist visas and lengths of stay.

It is important to note that the sufficient funds requirement is only one of the requirements for obtaining an Australian tourist visa. An applicant may also need to meet other requirements, such as providing a valid passport, a letter of invitation from their partner or family member if they are visiting Australia to see them, and evidence of their relationship with their partner or family member.

What funds will the applicant have available to support their stay in Australia?

You need to explain where you will be accessing funds from to support your stay. Do you have personal savings, will you still have income from your home country, will a family member support you? To do this, you could provide bank statements for your Australian tourist visa, payslips, or an undertaking from a family member to support you.

You can also provide evidence of a credit card with sufficient credit to cover their expenses in Australia.

Minimum bank balance for Australian tourist visa

There is no ‘minimum’ bank balance that you need to show for an Australian tourist visa. What you need to demonstrate is that you have enough funds to support yourself during your trip. A one week trip staying with your brother is going to cost a lot less that a 6 month trip travelling around all of Australia.

For working holiday visas, AUD5000 is currently considered ‘sufficient funds’, but remember, the working holiday visas have work rights as the tourist visas do not.

Estimate how much the trip will genuinely cost you – be realistic. For example, the sufficient funds requirement for an individual who is applying for a short-stay tourist visa and is planning to stay in Australia for up to three months may be around AUD 1,000 to AUD 1,500. This amount is based on the assumption that the applicant will be staying in a hotel or hostel and will be paying for their own meals and transportation.